Wednesday, July 16, 2003

..... lol, just before im walking, have another tricky question. My friend have a girl, and he is really happy about her. I liked his girl, liked being the keyword. We been partying a lot and at a party, she really hung up on me, wanted me to kiss her and touch her ass... nooooooo way!! you are my friends lady and I have no intencien, giving you anything else then hug... "okay" she said and dropped around my neck.... and she kept hanging for like 10 min.... Okay, she is drunk, was my first thought and didnt think about it more. 2 days later, the excacly same thing happend and still passed her away... lol, thats not often I say no to woman. LoL

Should I tell my friend, she really hit on me?? He is a really good friend but he is really in love with his girl... and nothing happend so.....

But its so sad for him, being with someone that dosent love him as much.... or I dont know tha. He must have more controle of that!!........
lol just wrote like 20 lines and pressed the post link.... My text disapeared and now I cant find it. If I say a typical ashlee thing... But probably a Rasmus thing to... lol

LoL. Just been "threadent" to make one of these and if I dont spell so good, dont bother to correct me... just laught at the stupid dane.... lol :o) But writing stuff of my life?? In 4 grade, my teatcher made us make a "diary" every friday for like 15min... all the guys, or we might have been boys, just sat, made doodles...

lol, here I am, sitting, writing a "diary". I have allways found those like a little girly and have never gotten around to continue one....Or as I heard earlier today, I can call it a journal. And the difference of a journal and a diary? NONE!! It just sounds more maskuline.... lol.... But if she want to call it that, then let here.... Right sweety?? lol :D

But if the person reading this, I have a lil problem you could help me with, if you care... lol!!
I have been dates a girl from like starting of 7 grade to the last end of 8 grade... We decided to break up, because we didnt like eahother that way. It had been more in a bro/sis way. And we have been talking and laughting and flirting since but for a while ago, when we saw a movie, she laid her head on my chest, wanted me to play with her neck and hair. Okay, thats cool... Nothing wrong in that. Thought it was cool. But at this time being I can c the "fire" in her eyes and she also wrote me some messages if we shouldnt try it out.... I really like her but dont knoe if my feelings have changed again....
I just know im gonna hurt her in the end and wont wanna give our friendship up.... But she really wanna give it a try.

Plz tell me to say that I cant, and we cant go more then friends but half of me, want, and half know its a bad idea.... LOL half heart and down says YES, halkf heart and brain says nooooooooooo.... lol

Oh, there I go, writing like waaaaaay more then I thought!! lol...... Gotta go get breakfast... at md. lol c ya, guys and girls. BE NICE!! lol :d

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